A Little About Myself

     It all started when I was nine years old and saw my Mom’s camera sitting on the kitchen counter and I decided I wanted to make her a homemade birthday present. I  started taking photos of my house and the nature that surrounded it to make it into a slideshow for her. 

         After seeing my love for capturing life's moments and the things that surround us everyday, photography has filled my life. The desire to preserve life’s moments in order to allow people to look back on them and remember those good times is what I love the most. I’m someone who loves to try new things, go outside of my comfort zone and with photography I always want to try something new in order to better myself. I notice the little things and appreciate every moment of everyday. Life can seem to pass by in a flash and when you have the photos of those memories for the rest of your life it will allow that day to always be with you forever.

       My style is unique, I want life’s moments to be looked at from angles most wouldn’t think of, or for someone to think about how interesting a shot is, because of the point of view. My goal is to make people feel as comfortable as they can; getting your photo taken can be a scary experience and I don’t want people to worry, but to enjoy it all. In my free time I love racing motocross with my friends and spending my days outside exploring (preferably on my dirt bike). My family is a huge part of my life and we’re very close and it’s something I’m proud of. They have always supported me and been my biggest inspiration so to be close with them is huge. I also enjoy bowling competitively and dancing, to all forms of music, at any place at any time. These things are my escape from reality along with photography which is what I love about it; I’m able to make my passion my profession. It’s something I honestly love to do and can wake up everyday being happy and loving my life.

I have been able to travel to country taking photos of professional motocross races, and meet some amazing people and see some incredible things along the way. My biggest push is to get better and to strive for perfection and each day is a new journey and I always try to make the most of it.